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                    Upstairs & Al Fresco Dining                    




Freshly shucked from our beautiful Tuross Lake

Natural                   ½ Doz  $21      1 Doz  $40

House Specialty   ½ Doz  $23     1 Doz  $42
(With soy, ginger, lime vinaigrette, lumpfish caviar & chopped parsley.)

Thai Fish Cake (5pcs) $18

Delicious  & traditional fish cake served with our own Nam Jim , cucumber, sweet chilli  & plum sauce with crushed peanuts.

Shumai (4pcs) $18

Steamed minced pork dumpling wrapped in wonton skin. Served with house blended sauce with a dash of dark soy, sesame oil and chilli.


Prawn Rolls

Home made Cristy little fried whole Aussie prawns  with minced pork wrapped in spring roll pastry. Served with our own dipping sauce.

Satay Chicken (4pcs) GF $20

Chicken Tenderloin in Skewers  grilled with tasty freshly crushed peanut sauce.


Spring Roll (4pcs)  $20 Vegetarian (4pcs) $18

House-made crisp rolls with crab meat, vermicelli and shitake mushroom. Served with sweet chilli & plum sauce.


Thai Style Salt and Pepper Calamari GF  $20

Australian calamari hand cut, lightly coated with rice flour and deep fired. Sprinkled with crushed fried garlic , coriander leaves, diced capsicum and red onion. Served with our own sweet chilli dipping sauce.


Ferg’s Famous Fried Fish  $27  

Crispy beer battered with tarter, a lemon wedge and chips.


Grilled Grenadier $28  

Served with mixed green leaves salad & chips.

Choo Chee Prawns $48 (Signature Dish)

A Traditional aromatic mild curry with Australian ocean caught king prawns on bed of baby bok choi.& broccoli. 

Garnished with shredded kaffir lime leaves. Served with rice


Yum Talay (Seafood Salad) Thai Style  $40 GF

Spicy mixed seafood salad with Australian green prawns, calamari, NZ Mussels tossed in vermicelli noodles, lime juice, chilli, fish sauce, sliced red onion, celery, cucumber  and coriander.

Barbequed Baby Octopus GF  $30

Lightly charred baby octopus infused with a sweet and tangy sauce on bed of salad mixed with   Served with Chef’s special chilli Namjim.  One of our most popular dishes.


Mixed Seafood Curry GF $42 (Signature Dish)

Australian ocean caught prawns, fish , calamari  and NZ mussels in mild coconut curry sauce with green peppercorns, baby bok choi and kaffir lime leaves. Served with rice.

Green Curry

Aromatic & tasty curry with bamboo shoots,, beans and kaffir lime leaves.

Chicken $29 |  Vegetable  $29 |  Beef $30  |  Fish  $30

Massaman Beef Curry GF $32

Fragant and delicious mild curry with slow cooked beef in coconut milk, cardamom pod, tamarind, sugar, potatoes, onion and peanuts.


Panang Curry GF

Mild red curry in creamy coconut with green beans and kaffir lime leaves.

Chicken $29  |  Veggies $29  |  Beef $30


Thai Beef Salad GF $35

Sliced barbequed rump (250 gr) mixed with refreshing salad of tomato, mint, cucumber,  celery, sliced red onion and coriander. With lime, chilli and fish sauce dressing. Served warm.


Larb  Chicken, Pork  or Tofu (Organic) $29

A favorite North Eastern style minced chicken or pork . With lime juice, fish sauce, chilli, mint, coriander, sliced red onion and mixed with crushed roasted rice. Served warm.

Stir fry local fish GF $35

Wok tossed with ginger, shallots, oyster soy & oyster sauce and sliced red chilli. Served with rice. (Very mild)


Stir fry Chilli & Basil GF

Tasty stir fry with sliced chicken breast or beef with onion, garlic, fresh chilli and Thai basil.

Chicken $28  |  Veggies $29  |  Beef  $30

Cashew Chicken or Just with Veggies GF $29

A classic dish in special blended sauce with mixed vegetables and cashew nuts. Aromatic and delicious. Contains soy bean oil.


Stir Fry Asian Greens GF $29

Fresh seasonal mixed veggies, baby bok choi, gai lum, broccoli,  tofu,  shitake and oyster mushroom.


Pad Thai GF

Stir fried rice noodle with crushed peanut, flavored with palm sugar, egg, tamarind sauce served with bean sprouts and a wedge of lemon.

Australian ocean caught prawns  $30   |  Chicken $26 |  Vegetable $26

Pad Sie Eiew 

Stir fried flat rice noodle with egg, Asian greens in soy and oyster sauce.

Chicken $26 | Vegetable $26 |  Beef $27

Pad Kee Mow 

Tasty stir fry rice noodle in oyster, soy, fish sauce with onion, garlic, fresh chilli and Thai basil. Contains egg.

Sliced Chicken Breast $26|  Beef $27

Laksa GF

Creamy & Spicy noodle soup with curry coconut milk broth, garnished with coriander, bean sprouts and a wedge of lime.

Australian ocean caught prawns  $30   |  Chicken $26  |  Vegetable $26

Thai fried rice  GF

With vegetable, tomato and egg. Served with fresh slices of cucumber

Australian ocean caught prawns  $30   |  Chicken $26  |  Vegetable $26

Steamed Jasmine Rice GF

Small $4 |  Large $6



Garden Salad GF $10

Bowl of Fries  $7

For The Kids

(12 AND UNDER) $15 each

Fish and Chips
Crumbed Calamari and Chips 
Chicken nuggets & chips.

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